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  • How does ShutterBox work?

    Hop in the photo booth and have fun! Guests have a blast & love their personalized party favors. Choose between Photo Strips or Grids. View ShutterBox Video Demo
  • How does the Photo Guest Book work?

    We’ll have a small area set up next to the photo booth where we will direct guests to stop by, leave a copy of their photo strip and write a personal message. We bring all supplies needed, and guests receive 2 sets of photos per booth session, 1 for them and 1 for the book. Our staff will be there the whole time assisting your guests and to make sure the book is beautiful. You’ll then receive your Photo Guest Book at the close of your reception or event.

  • What is the Photo Booth Slideshow?

    Every ShutterBox has a screen on the outside of the booth that plays a rotating slideshow of pictures as they’re being taken. If you provide us with a CD of your personal pictures, we can also play a ‘story of us’ slideshow. Slideshows run all evening and are no additional cost. (You may also leave the screen ‘off’ if preferred).

  • Do photos print on the spot?

    Yes, your photos print within seconds. Pictures will emerge from the photo booth itself (not from a printer on a table). Choose between traditional photo strips and grids, or transform the photo strips to ‘Photo Souvenirs’ (ask us for details).

  • Will someone from ShutterBox be at my event?

    Yes. We will be there the whole time, assisting your guests as needed.

  • Is there a limit to the number of photos that can be taken at my event?

    Guests can take as many photos as they like!
  • Do I need to choose between color or black & white photos?

    When each guest enters the photo booth, they will have the option to have their photo taken in either color or black & white!
  • Why is ShutterBox unique from other Photo Booth companies?

    • Our modern photo booth is a professional piece of equipment. We designed ShutterBox to be a sophisticated ‘photo box’, dedicated to formal events.
    • Our photo booth packages offer the best value & best experience. Your outstanding experience is our #1 mission.
    • ShutterBox is locally owned & operated in Chicago IL, Los Angeles CA, Milwaukee WI, Phoenix AZ, and Miami FL. Unlike many national photo booth companies that will overnight the photo booth to your event and require you to set it up.. We handle everything for you.
    • Let’s face it: People love to get wild and goofy in the Photo Booth! Many companies will post event pictures in public galleries, allowing anyone to download them. ShutterBox regards your Online Gallery with the highest standards of confidentiality. All galleries are password-protected.
    • We are committed to providing you, our customer, with exceptional service. We understand the importance of every detail in your special day, and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Will I get a copy of all the pictures from my event?

    Yes. You will receive a copy of all photos on either a High Resolution Images CD or USB Flash Drive. Your guests can also use the Online Gallery to download their photos for free or order additional prints (including 8×10’s or merchandise).
  • How is the picture quality?

    We use only the best, gold standard equipment that produce photo-laboratory quality prints. Because we use precision print technology, your pictures are also less vulnerable to scratches, fading and distortion. Prints immediately emerge dry, durable, and in archival condition.
  • Do you service my area?

    ShutterBox currently operates photo booth rentals in Chicago Il Milwaukee WI, Los Angeles & Orange County CAPhoenix AZ, and Miami Florida.

  • Can you accommodate an event on a higher floor?

    Yes. Since our photo booths are mobile and portable, we can service higher floors.
  • Can you accommodate an outdoor event?

    Yes, if weather is permitting. Otherwise, shelter is needed in case of rain or severe wind.

  • What is the difference between your photo booth and the old-fashioned ones?

    • ShutterBox is a modernized photo booth, meant for formal parties.
    • Superior picture quality. We use precision photo printing for better quality prints.
    • ShutterBox allows for standing photos, perfect for small groups of people at a formal event (accommodating 2-10 adults). Old-fashioned booths take tight headshots and fit 1-2 people.
    • Only with ShutterBox can guest’s choose between black & white or color, per session.
    • Our photos print instantly. Old-fashioned booths require guest’s to wait up to 7 minutes for their picture to print out.
    • With ShutterBox, you can save photos on a High Resolution CD or USB Flash Drive and reprint your favorite photos.
    • It costs much less to rent a ShutterBox than an old-fashioned photo booth. This is because our delivery process is simple. Old-fashioned booths weigh over 800 lbs. These companies need to charge extra in order to transport their booths. Our mobile photo booths are transported with ease.
  • Other Questions?

    We are happy to meet with you and discuss package info and sample photos.
    To reserve your date with ShutterBox, contact us today! 800.670.4391